Maximise the benefits of placing cloud at the core of your business

With eBlueprint, speed, cost and innovation make a Cloud-first approach possible for businesses of every shape & size.

Our full spectrum of Cloud Services harness the power of change to create new and extraordinary value by placing Cloud at the core of your business.

Our approach puts your business needs first, creating industry-specific solutions to move you to the Cloud quickly so that you can begin to reap the benefits now.

The eBlueprint difference is our understanding that Cloud is more than just a technology solution for your business, our solutions encompass the workforce and culture change needed for lasting success.



Enable business strategy and evangelism on Cloud


We deliver a set of core consulting services focused specifically on strategy, architecture, Cloud assurance, Cloud economics, sourcing, governance, Cloud organisation design and the innovation you require to transform your business to ‘switch-on’ the power of Cloud to maximise your business to service your customers. 

At eBlueprint you can expect pragmatic Cloud strategy and implementation methodologies across our service offering.

Our Cloud Strategy & Advisory offering:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Maturity Assessment
  • Capability Roadmap
  • Cloud Operating Model Design
  • Cloud Economics and Sourcing
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Governance and Standards
  • Architecture
  • Change Management

The eBlueprint difference for Cloud Strategy & Advisory solutions

We have an impartial alliance partnership that allows us to service individual businesses with a tailored solution, best suited to meet current and future requirements. 

Our alliance partnerships provide the opportunity for eBlueprint to bring the best industry talent and deep expertise to implement outstanding solutions for our customers. 



Less hit and miss, more value


Our comprehensive cloud migration and modernisation framework brings together all our other expertise with exclusive pre-configured industry specific tools, methods and automation across all cloud models using multiple customer fit-for-purpose delivery methods. 

COVID-19 has created a new inflection point that requires every company to ‘rethink’ business with options and dramatically accelerate cloud migration to create a foundation of end-to-end digital transformation. 

Our approach to migration or modernisation includes:

  • Cloud Migration Discovery & analysis
  • Cloud Migration/Modernisation Strategy
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Cloud Migration Execution
  • Cloud Optimisation

Our Cloud Migration & Modernisation focus:

AWS  |  Google Cloud  |  IBM Cloud  |  Microsoft Azure  |  RedHat  |  Salesforce  |  Hybrid Cloud  |  IaaS  |  PaaS  |  SaaS  |  Containers

ibm cloud
salesforce clear

The eBlueprint difference for Cloud Migration & Modernisation

Our open and consultative approach has led numerous customers to navigate complexities and successfully deploy new solutions to the Cloud that best supports them. 

We have delivered seamless execution of migration and modernisation to Cloud that is secure, cost effective and agile. 



Manage, optimise and enhance Cloud efficiency


Our full spectrum of Cloud Managed Services provides our customers with reduced costs, improved customer experience and support for a wide variety of business models. We have extensive experience in application and infrastructure support across public, private and hybrid cloud. 

Our first class Cloud Managed Services offerings include:

  • Next-Gen Enterprise Service Design Facilities
  • Account Management
  • Secured operating environment with 24×7 surveillance
  • Flexible support models
  • L1, L2, L3, L4 Infrastructure and Application Support
  • SLA Management
  • Modern frameworks such as ITIL® V3 or V4 and SecDevOps
  • Change Advisory Board
  • Continuous Improvement

Our Cloud Managed Services focus:

AWS  |  Google Cloud  |  IBM Cloud  |  Microsoft Azure  |  RedHat  |  Salesforce  |  Hybrid Cloud  |  IaaS  |  PaaS  |  SaaS  |  Containers

ibm cloud
salesforce clear

The eBlueprint difference for Cloud Managed Services solutions

We have an extensive and proven track record in working with many large and complex public and private organisations providing first class support on a 24x7x365 basis. 

We support multi-cloud solutions and provide flexible services tiers that can support a mix and match of workload, providing cost and optimisation benefits. 

Our team has more than 10 years’ experience in delivering and supporting solutions on Cloud, providing innovation and true customer leadership.