Design your customer-first strategy & solution

Preparing for the start of any journey is important, especially one with as many obstacles as digital transformation. Whether it’s a new website, mobile app or digital service, the journey should always begin at the same place – with the customer. 

Grounded in the principles of service design, our approach is firmly focused on ensuring that the needs and desires of our customers – and their customers – are at the forefront of every discussion so that everyone is enabled to deliver value.



Accelerate your CRM journey across multiple platforms


eBlueprint can help you re-envisage the journey between client and customer, improving the engagement between employee, supplier and end-to-end customer experience. eBlueprint is uniquely positioned to offer our customers access to a wide range of complementary technologies.

Our deep expertise across multiple CRM platforms, breadth of service and ecosystem apps will simplify your journey, working within:


Microsoft Dynamics

  • Customer data platform
  • Supply chain
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Service
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Project Management 


  • Sales cloud
  • Service cloud
  • Marketing cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ 



Our CRM Optimisation Service offering:

The eBlueprint difference for CRM Optimisation solutions

We understand the complications of managing multiple CRM’s in an environment and the decision whether to focus on one or more.

Our impartial relationships with Salesforce and Microsoft allow us to service individual businesses with a tailored solution best suited to meet current and future requirements. 



Reach further and engage more with your customers


With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform you can know your consumers, engage them, and personalise their experience with intelligence.

Empower your marketing automation with our certified Marketing Cloud implementation specialists. Our consultants leverage Marketing Cloud to integrate and connect with every customer, personalise every customer journey, automatic updates for all the new features, extended use of custom apps, market with trust and security.

The eBlueprint difference for Marketing Automation solutions

eBlueprint and Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help improve engagement with your customer base. 

Find new ways to communicate and reach your targeted audience through the use of clever email and push notifications, or by utilising the power of social media to selectively target your audience. 

Our deep expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and our breadth of service will simplify your journey.



Digital experiences that feel natural to your customers


Our human-centred design approach lets us empathise with your customers, identify their pain points, and create solutions that enhance their experience with your brand or product.

Just as an architect would provide a full set of blueprints for a building, we provide a UX Architectural Guide, full specifications for the digital experiences we design. This gives our clients a clear picture of the user experience and interaction model and ensures a smooth development process. 

Our UX / UI & Human Centered Design Service offering:

  • Road mapping 
  • Prototyping 
  • User experience 
  • Wireframing and flows 
  • Usability testing  
  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Mobile App development  

The eBlueprint difference for UX / UI & Human Centered Design 

At eBlueprint, we understand the importance of customer and employee experience and the real value Ux/UI brings to a project. 

Taking the time upfront to really assess and test the experience of a platform from both employee and customer experience can make the difference. 

We take a human-centred design approach to every project.