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Automating for business rules and workflows to accelerate customer acquisition

A case study on the successful implementation of key technologies for American Express Middle East.




American Express (Middle East) B.S.C – American Express Middle East (AEME) provides reliable, flexible, tailored and rewarding solutions for its card members, merchants and business partners. 

American Express began operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in 1959 and set up its first office in Bahrain in 1977. In 1992 AEME was established in Bahrain as a joint venture company owned by American Express and Mawarid Investment Limited. Today, American Express Middle East employs more than 500 staff in the region, covering its consumer card, corporate payments and merchant businesses across all the Middle East and North Africa region. 

Business rules and workflows are the key technologies that eBlueprint implemented with American Express Middle East, achieving improvements in turnaround times and higher quality data acquisition, resulting in significantly better customer experience. 


Prospective customers were manually completing application forms that were illegible, leading to the re-entry of card applications into various systems, creating the possibility of erroneous data in account systems. 

Applications received by markets were not processed immediately and delays arose resulting in poor customer experiences.  

Business outcomes suffered from a limited capability to monitor and track the progress of applications with the appropriate levels of security, confidence and audit facilities. 


To meet the required business outcomes American Express Middle East sought out eBlueprint as a Global Leader in Business Rules and Workflow solutions to delivery the following capabilities:

  • Capturing Business Rules and Processes – to translate business drivers and requirements into an actionable business Rules and Workflow solution that would meet current requirements and scale for future needs. 
  • Process Re-engineering – creating extensible contemporary designs that meet current business drivers that could also be extended to future demands.
  • Business Rule Management – taking business rules and organising them using a business rule management tool.
  • Business Rule Design and Development – using our deep implementation experience and industry best practices across numerous successful cross-industry engagements. 
  • Business Rule Security – providing industry best practices designs, advice and implementation focusing on authentication, authorisation and data encryption relating to the business rule management system.
  • Business Rules Governance – implementing Business Rule Solutions providing leadership in the development of a suitable governance structure for putting policy into actual operation. 


The solution that eBlueprint designed and implemented has been successfully rolled-out to 10 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region, providing the following benefits:

  • Digitisation of current manual processes improving the efficiency of the card acquisition processes.
  • Insights and audit capability into card acquisition processes providing a quicker turnaround and significantly improved customer experience.
  • Flexible solution providing business users with a ‘no code’ approach to maintaining business rules and processes. 

Enabling quality business decisions in an efficient and timely manner, providing increased accessibility of products to prospective customers. 


“American Express Middle East realised a ROI in less than 3 months with significant increase in card acquisitions and improved customer experience.” – Jeb Million, CIO AEME