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Dynamic Managed Services supporting Workplace Health and Safety

A case study on successful Managed Services supporting business critical applications and infrastructure for WorkSafe Victoria.




Worksafe Victoria is the occupational health and safety arm of the Victorian WorkCover Authority (VWA). It takes the lead role in the promotion and enforcement of health and safety in Victorian workplaces. VWA is the manager of Victoria’s workplace safety system. 

WorkSafe Victoria plays a critical role in the lives of Victorian employers and workers – as the state’s health and safety regulator and as the manager of Victoria’s workers compensation scheme. In both capacities, employers and workers are at the heart of their service. 

The aim is to keep all workplaces healthy and safe and to deliver high-quality care and treatment when workers are injured. 


WorkSafe Victoria has significant challenges retaining skilled onshore IT resources. They have a wide array of different solutions, systems and infrastructure which required many high skilled IT professionals.

This problem has previously been compounded by sub-optimal IT Service Management practices which has led to inadequate documentation of critical systems and business processes. 

Ageing systems and ‘software currency’ was also considered a substantial blocker as WorkSafe Victoria did not have the capability or confidence to upgrade.

This led to several systems operating without vendor support.


To meet the required business outcomes for supporting business-critical applications and infrastructure, WorkSafe Victoria selected eBlueprint through a competitive procurement process to deliver the following capabilities:

  • Adoption of ITIL® V3 Methodology – to translate business drivers and requirements into an actionable standardised IT Service Management framework that would meet current requirements and scale for future needs.
  • Transition In Approach – collaborating with WorkSafe in reverse engineering and documenting solutions/processes thereby mitigating risks associated with fluid information due to loss or inaccurate transfer of knowledge.
  • Continuous Improvement – always looking at ways to improve our service to WorkSafe so that they can also improve their service to their customers. 
  • 24/7 Infrastructure and Application Support – working hand-in-hand with WorkSafe providing around the clock operational support to 20 or more critical business systems used every day to keep Victorians safe at work.
  • ICT Change Management – working with all stakeholders to manage an effective and efficient change management process.
  • Security Operations – providing industry best practices designs, advice and implementation focusing on authentication, authorisation, data encryption, management of secure storage and SecurityOps.
  • Production Release Management and Deployment – ensuring secure and compliant code is deployed using a standardised set of processes. 



The Managed Service that eBlueprint designed & implemented has been successfully rolled-out in a multi-staged approach and has been cooperation over the past 7 years providing the following benefits:

  • Constantly out-performing all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) each month.
  • Trusted partner providing high levels of customer service, advice and deep implementation expertise.
  • Establishment of IT Service Management (ITSM) competency based on ITIL® V3 Framework resulting in improvement of quality and efficiency of service.
  • With strong operational support, WorkSafe Victoria has now turned its focus onto the ‘WorkSafe 2030’ Strategy for improving customer experience. 
“eBlueprint has delivered high value services over a long period of time.” – Brad Kemp, General Manager Delivery


“eBlueprint has delivered high value services over a long period of time.”